IR35 and Tax/NIC Status Advice You and Your Clients can Afford!


At last... somewhere to direct your Contractors for independent impartial advice and guidance!

Bauer & Cottrell have been providing independent specialist consultancy services on tax and NIC employment status and associated legislation since before the inception of IR35. We enjoy excellent relationships with all stakeholders in the contracting market place. Each and every week we deal with hundreds of contractors, recruitment agencies, employment businesses, end clients and officers of HMRC. We offer a tailored independent support service to contractors ranging from an IR35 review of their contracts and working arrangements through to full representation in the event of an HMRC investigation into their IR35 status. We have never lost a case! Our unique IR35 contract review service includes negotiation of amendments where appropriate to the written contract. This is exactly what contractors both old and new require and this enables the whole recruitment process to run smoothly and quickly. Such service is also invaluable to all sections of the recruitment industry.

Whether you are a large, medium or small company with or without your own in house expertise Bauer & Cottrell can help you to engage and retain contractors and develop and maintain client relationships. By engaging us as wholly independent providers you can offer support to clients, contractors and your own staff demonstrating that you are not influencing or controlling whether or not a contractor opts for a particular business model or structure which may also protect against any consequential risks from government legislation. Since the advent of the Managed Service Company (MSC) legislation we have been inundated with requests from recruitment agencies and employment businesses for permission to give out our contact details to contractors. Many contractors call us to ask us about particular agencies and their contracts especially where they have been given a choice of agents from the end client. They want to know if the contract is inside or outside of IR35 and if the agent will make changes etc. We believe that by working with you we have a unique opportunity to offer the right advice, support and above all confidence to all stakeholders in this market.

Bauer & Cottrell Services

We recognise that you will have different needs depending upon the size of your business, your client base and industry sector and we can tailor a bespoke service package for you.

We are currently engaged in a leading role, including hosting workshops for PS departments and advising on the new PUBLIC SECTOR ASSURANCE PROCESSES and can assist you with your relationships with clients and contractors and can provide acceptable assurance certificates. We are working closely with many agencies particularly those with large numbers of Public Sector clients.

Bauer & Cottrell Associate Scheme

Check out our Associate scheme designed for accountancy service providers and agencies.

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