IR35 and Tax/NIC Status Advice You and Your Clients can Afford!


Bauer & Cottrell is pleased to offer a comprehensive independent support service to Contractors and we are available to help and advise you from the moment you decide to become a Contractor through to full representation in the event of an HMRC IR35 investigation into your status. Giving proper consideration to your IR35 status should be the starting point for everyone as it will fundamentally affect how you choose to operate. More importantly you will be in a better position to establish what your tax and NIC liabilities are from the outset enabling you to plan and make appropriate business decisions. Our services for Contractors are as follows:

IR35 Contract Reviews – From £175 plus VAT

Please go to our contract review page for full details of our range of reviews ranging from one off reviews to unlimited reviews in a 12 month period - Guardian.

Working Practices

Your day-to-day working practices are critical to establishing your IR35 status. We can help you to ensure that your contracts accurately reflect your working practices and enjoy excellent relationships with most agencies working together to get contracts right. We can also provide guidance on all aspects of working as a contractor including seeking confirmation of your working arrangements from the end client.

Public Sector?

Beware – if public money is at stake at any point in the contractual chain you will be asked to provide an “Assurance” that you are paying the right amount of tax and NIC. We can help you with this and have been working closely with Government departments, agencies and consultancies on this issue. Our Assurance Certificates are acceptable evidence.

IR35 Representation

Remember we pride ourselves on our knowledge of up to date case law precedent and as we are working real IR35 cases every day we are fully up to date with current HMRC practice. We have never lost a case!

We can represent you from the moment you receive a call or a letter from HMRC wanting to carry out a “routine” review of your records. It is absolutely vital to the success of your case that you get the right advice immediately. You can call us on 01525 406622 for free confidential advice without obligation. Should you decide to appoint us to represent you our fees are fair and fixed and there are no hourly rates or surprises. Cases are worked in 3 phases and the majority of cases are won at phase 2.

Other Areas

IR35 Insurance

We can offer a choice of fully underwritten insurances to protect you in the event of an IR35 investigation. HMRC can go back 6 years when investigating IR35 status so getting your status wrong is possibly the biggest financial risk that you face. You can either insure against the cost of our professional fees to represent you or if your contract and working arrangements are considered by us to be outside IR35 you can also cover the liability for tax, NIC, interest and penalties should your case be lost. By taking out your insurance through us this means that Bauer & Cottrell will work your case and remember we have never lost a case! We have arrangements with Abbey Tax, Caunce O’Hara and Qdos. Please note that these policies also provide cover for most other forms of tax enquiries and give you free access to legal advice covering almost any area.


Bauer & Cottrell have many years experience of a whole host of issues that affect Contractors and because of the nature of the services we provide we have developed and maintained excellent relationships with all stakeholders in this market. You can call Bauer & Cottrell on 01525 406622 for up to date information. If we do not know the answer we can direct you to someone who does. Please remember that Bauer & Cottrell are completely independent of any provider and our advice is both impartial and tailored to your individual circumstances.

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